FreeMP3Get 1.0.1

Download songs and soundtracks from YouTube


  • Lots of music available on YouTUbe
  • Save into MP3 format
  • No installation needed


  • Too little info about search results
  • Search is limited
  • Too few options


FreeMP3Get is a little application that searches YouTube for songs, and allows you to download them as MP3 files.

FreeMP3Get's simple interface won't win any beauty contests, but is functional. The most important button is Search Music, and entering the name of any song is likely to yield results due to the massive number of songs on YouTube. You can scroll through the search, and double clicking on a result will play you a preview. To download, choose your result, the download destination and so on and hit the download button.

FreeMP3Get has a few MP3 settings, like mono or stereo, and bitrates. They are limited though, and there is no 320Kbps option. The preview track system seems hit and miss too, meaning you can't always check what you're downloading before you do. That's annoying, as Youtube music varies wildly in quality. There is also no option to download the HQ YouTube versions, which are better.

If you're not worried about sound quality too much, FreeMP3Get is great. There is lots of music available, and it's easy to use.



FreeMP3Get 1.0.1

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